The world of Requiem lies in ruin.

Much of its once verdant lands lie either under the churning ocean or in the clutches of the darkness. The remains of civilization are strewn across a series of scattered isles, fighting for control over precious resources like lumber and iron. Magic is scarce and gods lie silent – cut off from the world by the Shroud – gauntlet which rims the border of the prime material and the supernal realms.

This barrier is also all that holds back the armies of the fallen gods: the abyssal and the infernal. A battle rages beyond the world; realms like the Feywild and the Astral Sea have been ravaged and consumed by the legions of the fallen. Requiem is the last bastion of hope. But as cracks and tears in the barrier spiderweb across its mystical surface, demons and other agents of darkness cross into the world and commit unspeakable acts in preparation for the final onslaught.

Yet even as a long shadow falls across the world, heroes rise to meet the darkness. From puissant Stygia to the mysterious Ashur, brave adventurers have surfaced in this dire age. As one of these heroes, you will decide the fate of Requiem.

Will you stand against the forces of evil? Or will you lead them in their final conquest of the world?

Welcome to Requiem.